The Fraternity of Girth was created by a group of friends. We'd like to say it was just one person with a brilliant idea, like all things that grow and change the rock we call Earth, it took a team of men and women. The collaboration of this group sparked motivation and countless ideas that form our resolve.

FOG is a way of life not exclusive (despite the name) to just men. It's a culture, a muse and a magnificent obsession. It's the desire to live larger-than-life, lift massive things, throw heavy objects, grow formidable beards, eat colossal meals surrounded by our friends and family. Together we experience, share and overall just enjoy the fraction of time we our allotted to impact the world around us!


We are not elitists.
We share knowledge, expertise and wisdom.
We protect the innocent and we fight the evil. 


Through Service. Ascendence.
Through Dedication. Transcendence. 
The Drum of Eternity Beckons.
Will you heed its call?
Will you join the FOG?