The Fraternity of Giants was created by a group of friends. While we’d like to say it was just one person with a brilliant idea, like all things that grow and change the rock we call Earth, it took a diverse team of men and women moving toward a common goal. The collaboration of this group sparked motivation and countless ideas that form our resolve.

Regardless of physical stature or prowess (and make no mistake, there are true giants among us), how many athletes have walked onto the field or up to the platform and felt as though they were walking among giants? How many people have entered into the business world from the ground up and felt they were walking among giants? How many people have ever sought to accomplish anything in life and felt they were walking among giants? And the most important question of all: how many people feel this way and still rise to the challenge every day? Those people.....those people LIVE LIKE GIANTS.

Despite the name, the Fraternity of Giants is not exclusive to any one gender, race, religion, or creed. You don’t have to be a large man, or even a man at all, to set out and crush colossal goals. But to accomplish colossal goals, you must live like a giant. FOG is a way of life, a muse, and a culture with the magnificent obsession to do that very thing. It is the desire to live larger-than-life (physically and/or metaphorically), lift massive things, throw heavy objects, grow formidable beards, eat colossal meals surrounded by our friends and family, and to set and destroy mountainous goals with titanic fury and no apologies. Together we experience, share and overall just enjoy the fraction of time we are allotted to impact the world around us!

Do you dare to dream big?
Do you dare be larger-than-life?
Do you dare to LIVE LIKE A GIANT?
Then if you dare...... Step into The FOG.


We are not elitists.
We share knowledge, expertise and wisdom.
We protect the innocent and we fight the evil.


Through Service. Ascendence.
Through Dedication. Transcendence.
The Drum of Eternity Beckons.
Will you heed its call?
Will you join the FOG?

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