Fraternity of Girth and TeamDickens ask you to join forces with us to support the MWC 2020 Champions ring fund!

For those who don’t know, the winners of each class in the Scottish Masters Athletics International’s annual Masters World Championships (MWC) are awarded a championship ring.

This year, Fraternity of Girth (FOG) and TeamDickens are running a fundraiser to ensure that these rings can be presented to each champion at no cost to them.

The “Killarney 2020” shirt will come with a donation of $30 or more.

“Corporate Donors” will have their business, organization, or club logo placed on the back of the shirt with a donation of $250 or more.

The cost of a champions ring is about $350 (depending on a couple of variables like size). There are 16 classes. The goal for the fundraiser is: $5600

The fundraiser for the MWC 2020 Champions Ring fund will run through MAY 1st, 2020, and 100% of all funds over production costs will be donated to the SMAI/MWC.

Please support the MWC Champions by donating and sharing this fundraiser with everyone you know!


Direct any questions to Michael Dickens of TeamDickens or

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Gift Cards Available

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