Eric "The Raging Kilt" White

Height: 5'11.5"
Weight: 250lbs
Sport: Scottish Highland Games
Years Active: 7

Eric White was born just outside of Chicago Illinois in 1971, the first son to Larry and Bonnie White.  Eric is the 1st cousin to Bobby Janecyk, famed Chicago Blackhawks goalie.  Eric threw discus and shot put throughout high school earning a SIlver Medal in Discus and a bronze medal in shot put for the 1990 Jr. Olympics.  Through a twist of fate Eric found himself in Texas during the 1980s and missed out on a childhood filled with hockey like his cousin but instead filled with water sports and Track & Field on the gulf coast near Galveston Island.
Earlier this year Eric was honored to compete in the elite level highland games held at The Arnold Sports Festival Indoor Highland Games in March, 2019.  Not one to rest on his laurels Eric was invited to and competed in the US National Championship placing 4th in the country!
Eric is a stay at home father of 4 and strives to make his family proud in his every endeavor.  This year the stakes are higher than ever as he puts in his bid to win the Masters World Championships held in Tucson, Arizona USA this November
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