FOG "Mjölnir" Unisex T-Shirt

By Fraternity of Girth



Mighty Mjölnir Lore

Legend states...

Forged in the heart of a dying star, Mjölnir was said to level mountains with a single blow!

Later in history, Ragnorak shook the 9 realms and Mjölnir was split into hundreds of magical shards, spreading to the farthest corners the 9 realms, before later being repaired. 

In the year 818AD, a young blacksmith came across a smoldering hole in a small village on the northern most part of Iceland. A single shard of metal lay deep inside the crevice.

Insatiably curious, the blacksmith reached into the hole and pulled the shard from the warm soil. Upon touching his skin, lighting struck the blacksmith.

When the blacksmith came awake once more, he spoke of seeing Odin in the halls of Valhalla. Odin was said to have spoke with the blacksmith, ordering him to use the shard he found to arm and protect his people. 

Centuries and generations have passed by, but the Blacksmith’s bloodline was said to have lasted, outfitting and arming the mightiest among us through the ages.

The Fraternity of Girth can neither confirm nor deny that we may know the blacksmith’s heir, the shirts may or may not be made with actual mithril and hammered to perfection using tools forged from that very shard. 

What we can say with certainty... is that the FOG “Mjölnir” T-Shirts and Crop Tops are Hand-Forged in Austin, TX, USA, and with every hammer strike that lands upon the threads of your shirt are placed the sweat and soul of the man making it.

The Drums of Eternity beckon! 

Will you be one of the mighty?

Will you heed its call?