FOGofWAR Unisex T

By Fraternity of Girth


BE THE HEAVY... for those individuals who aren't cinephiles let us help explain the underlying elements of this T...

"The Heavy" in the film industry is most often times related to the anti-hero/villain of any given picture. It's called "The Heavy" because this character often times has the most lines in a given script making their script the... you guessed it... HEAVIEST. This individual often times has more lines than the hero as it is their job to "Cause Conflict" within the film. 

The evil monologues, the plotting and scheming and the overall banter between said heavy and good guy is the main reason for this.

So we say... embrace it... BE THE HEAVY!

A side note... at the same time this shirt is also a tribute to one of our favorite Classic Rock bands to life/train/throw too... AC - DC.